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    h2=. *Welcome to the Terrasath Wiki* h2. [[Races]] Learn about the various races of Terrasath here. h2. [[Religion]] Learn about new domains, powerful deities, and their divine servants here. h2. [[Nations]] Learn about the many nations …

  • Religion

    h1=. Religion Religion plays a very important role in the world of Terrasath. The deities grant their divine power to devoted conduits such as clerics and inquisitors. In addition the gods have been known to meddle in the affairs of mortals instigating …

  • Races

    h1=. Races *[[Aldaren]]:* *[[Dwarf | Dwarves]]:* *[[Elf | Elves]]:* *[[Frizzen]]:* *[[Gnome | Gnomes]]:* *[[Half-Elf | Half-Elves]]:* *[[Half-Orc | Half-Orcs]]:* *[[Halfling | Halflings]]:* *[[Human | Humans]]:* *[[Ifrit | …

  • Cities

    h2. List of Cities |_. City |_. Nation |_. Population| | [[Leafway]] |[[Veilshare]] | 1000 | | [[Red Corner]] |[[Veilshare]] | 50 |

  • Nations

    h1=. Nations h2. List of Nations |_. Nation |_. Capital |_. Alignment |_. Goverment | | [[Outrider Plains]] | | CG | | | [[Veilshare]] | Silverveil | NG | |

  • Locations

    h1=. Locations *[[Red Sun Canyon]]:* A canyon known for its red rock, uncharacteristic for the region, as well as its natural beauty.

  • New Feats

    h1=. New Feats h3. [[Dual Adaptation]] (elf) Adapt to more than one terrain simultaneously. h3. [[Fast Adaptation]] (elf) Reduce the time it takes you to adapt to a new terrain. h3. [[Fool Magic]] Fool caster into believing you failed a …

  • New Traits

    h1=. New Traits h2. Race Traits h3. [[Clan Exemplar]] (dwarf) You were born with a natural talent for and predisposition towards the characteristics your clan is known for.