I am Groot

Are you looking for love in Aldaren places?


Groot is an Aldaren Sorcerer with a Verdent blood line. His skin is rough an almost feels like the bark of a tree. His eyes are pale amber and his brown hair is such a tangled mess it almost looks like vines. His clothes appear well worn and the equipment he carries seems more suited to camping and hunting than fighting monsters and adventuring.


The mixed progeny of an Elf and a Dryad Groot finds him self quite at home in the forests. His mother was killed by one of the local tribes over ten years ago and he never met his father. When Groot was in his late teens his mother gave him an Elven curved blade that was apparently left to him by his father. Groots mother is also responsible for what Groot knows about magic and the arcane arts.

I am Groot

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