The Long Road to Red Sun Canyon

Session 4

The party had taken a few days to collect themselves after the stress of the trial. Three days into their well deserved rest they were approached by a old halfling named Uldar Hammaneed, a famous painter known locally as the “Wild Brush”. He commissioned the group to use his magical Picture Stone to capture an image of Red Sun Canyon at sunset. The party agreed figuring they could use this opportunity to find the location marked on the map they discovered in a krenshar lair weeks before.

Before leaving they reported the silver deposits they had found in a mite cave near town. The mayor Laaria told them that after the mine was surveyed, which she estimated to take 2 weeks, that they would be rewarded proportional to the estimated value of the mine.

Alarissa Lennald packed them all 1 weeks worth of food for their journey and the party set out towards Red Sun Canyon with their newly acquired mule named “Horse”.

A few hours outside of town the party ran into a knight from the Order of the Golden Lion named Zarzuket and his squire, a halfling named Kenton. The two informed the party of their intent to help Leafway be rid of the gnoll scourge that had moved into the lands over the last month. Zarzuket was also sad to inform the party that he had seen the aftermath of what looked to be a gnoll attack a few miles back down the road. Barnibus was quick to notice the curious armor that Zarzuket was wearing, which prompted the knight to show off his Gnomish Battle Plate. The groups parted ways though Zarzuket promised the party that he would join them at Red Corner, the hamlet just west of Red Sun Canyon, if he was not imminently needed in Leafway.

The party moved on down the road to the attack site and found an overturned wagon near what looked to be the site of a small battle. One gnoll body lay dead at the site but the party quickly identified it as being at least a week old while the rest of the attack likely too place within the last 24 hours. The party found arrows with curious black fletching stuck in the wagon and the bodies which did not match the arrows found on the gnoll body at the scene. They also discovered clothing belonging to two little girls, one likely a teenager and the other no more than 10 human years. This was curious as there were only two graves which they had been told by Zarzuket belonged to the a man and woman of middle age. The two adults which the party assumed to be the parents did not look like they had died from a gnoll attack as they had not been eaten, the usual behavior of gnolls. The party moved on with the curious findings in mind and settled in for their first night on the road.

Their second day of travel was uneventful and they slept comfortably on the open road, however, the next morning they found that the previous occupant of this camp lay dead under a nearby bush, also riddled with the same arrows with black fletching and uneaten. They buried the body and continued on their third day of travel which was uneventful once again.

The fourth day was much colder than it had been, far too cold for a day in June. Just after setting on the road the party heard a terrible screech and quickly found the source to be a lone forest drake looking for a meal. While the initial attack seemed to be in the Drakes favor, the party, though most of the glory went to Ambrosia, made short work of the monster. After discussing the value of the dragon’s hide they decided to cut their days travel short and spent the majority of the day skinning and cooking the large creature for extra food on their journey. The smell of cooking meet brought some unexpected visitors, a pair of krenshar, but Rathalar, with his new understanding of krenshars, was able to calm the beasts and placate them with some of the excess meat they had acquired.

The fifth day of travel was overcast and it rained for a few hours but was otherwise dull until the party made camp. While setting up camp they were approached by a man who offered them the simple choice of giving up their valuables or their life. The party, after recognizing the black fletching on the arrows in the bandit’s quiver, made short work of the man, dropping him before his proclaimed allied could even reveal themselves, if there were indeed any allies about. After threatening and questioning the bandit named Cort, they learned that he was one of 12 bandits who had set up shop in the region using the gnoll attacks to cover up their crimes. He told them of the bandit’s leader Morik, an elf swordsman, and warned them away from the camp though he divulged its location.

The next day the party reached Red Corner and handed off the captured bandit to the town’s unofficial leader Tomon “Three Legs”. Tomon agreed to have the prisoner transported with the next caravan to Leafway and held there until the party returned. When the party expressed their interest in pursuing the bandit camp Tomon recommended 3 guides who frequently took people through Red Sun Canyon and whom he knew could be trusted in a fight. The party, with some convincing from Ambrosia, was able to convince all 3 to help them with the Morik’s bandits. An adventure for session 5…


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