The Bandit Camp

Session 5

The party gathered up the three wilderness guides that Tomon had recommended and set out for the bandit camp. The first night as they settled into camp they were visited by a little trickster named Kit. Kit was a pixie and the self proclaimed guardian of this neck of the woods. He confirmed the location of the bandits the party was seeking and after some mild pranks decided to stay with the group till morning.

Kit kept his word and the party safe from harm though Mephisto woke up in a fragile fortress of twigs and Ambrosia had a new friend in her sleeping bag. They parted on good terms with the tiny fey and continued on their way to the camp.

After successfully scouting the camp and debating the best method of approach the party decided to hit the camp from multiple sides. Mephisto would act as a distraction on the opposite side of camp as the rest of the party while the hired men would attack from a third side near the enemy horses. The initial assault went poorly with most of the party’s ranged attacks missing and the bandits seeing through the ruse attempted by Mephisto.

Mephisto was able to use the initial hesitation of the bandits to his advantage and used defensive spells to make him almost impossible to hit. He was then able to incapacitate 3 of the bandits with a single color spray and occupy the two bandits with high ground for the remainder of the fight.

Rathalar was not on his game today, most of his shots missed and he spent the majority of the fight cursing his luck and his poor aim while desperately trying to seem threatening enough to take some of the heat off of his companions.

Morik, the bandit leader, proved to me a great challenge indeed. He was able to drop Barnibus in one strike from his elven curved blade and dropped Ambrosia in much the same fashion shortly afterwards. Luckily, before Barnibus dropped he was able to enact a spell that called into being a hammer made of pure force, a manifestation of Palus’ sacred weapon to attack Morik.

While the injured, though still deadly, Morik stalked around the camp looking for openings Rathalar was able to revive Barnibus and regroup with the two hired men that were still standing. The two men stalled Morik while the party revived Ambrosia, though one of them payed for this maneuver with his life. Ambrosia, revived and inspired to avenge her failures as well as their fallen ally, called upon her god Grimjax and smote Morik where he stood.

After subduing the remaining bandits the party found the girls who had been prisoners of the terrible men. Victims of abuse and rape, the girls were not in good shape but agreed to be brought to Red Corner where they were left with Tomon until the party makes their return trip to Leafway.

The party in an act of incredible kindness and generosity offered to use the money they took from the bandits to raise the fallen hunter from the dead. His comrades escorted his body back to Leafway promising to return once the deed had been completed.


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